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A video posted to Facebook shows a police officer in Flagstaff, Ariz., punching a woman in the face during an arrest.

The officer has been placed on leave pending investigation.

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(Facebook/Danny Paredes Esb via Storyful) A police officer in Arizona was placed on administrative leave this week after a video that shows him punching a woman in the face was posted online.

The Flagstaff Police Department learned of the footage Wednesday evening and launched an internal investigation into the incident, which occurred earlier in the day, according to the department.

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“During the arrest the female, who appears somewhat uncooperative, was struck in the face by the officer,” police said in a news release. The struggle between the woman and the officer continues, as off-camera, people can be heard yelling in outrage.

“Our agency is very concerned by what is depicted in this video.” The officer was identified as Jeff Bonar. Another law enforcement officer helps restrain Morris, who cries out.

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