Celebrate your one year dating anniversary

She hit me up sometime in August and asked me what are my thoughts on going out and celebrating it.

I thought not, and the biggest reason I think not is because we are only dating. I don't see any significance in celebrating the fact that we've been dating a year.

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Try to recreate your first married meal with your spouse.

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If the place where you met was a workplace or school, which is not a place you want to necessarily go to celebrate, then choose the location of your first date or the place where your man proposed.You can also do something as simple as a bike ride downtown or buying a bottle of wine that you can save to enjoy on next year’s anniversary.Another great idea is to write love letters to each other that you will open and read on next year’s anniversary, throwing in any hopes or aspirations you have for this next year together.Your wedding anniversary is a very special, important time to celebrate with your partner.Although Valentine’s Day provides lovely alone time together, fun dates, and wonderful gifts, your anniversary is a time that you and your partner get to spend celebrating each other and the bond you have, without any guidelines or expectations.

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