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All he did, all day, was focus on criminal justice matters. Rauch showed at our Highland Heights, Kentucky sting in spring 2007. He was sentenced to 46 months in prison and once released will deal with supervised release for the rest of his life. Myth: Only stupid guys who don't know better hit up contributors, REAL predators know better and find real kids not decoys! At the time of the chat, he was the academic director of the criminal justice department for the University of Cincinnati.Thank you for visiting this website, which is operated by an Affiliate of Sinclair Television Group, Inc. This site is one of a network of ad-supported sites operated by Affiliates of Sinclair each of which also operates a local television station (each a "Sinclair Affiliate Site" and, collectively, the "Sinclair Network of Sites").Each Sinclair Affiliate Site has adopted this privacy statement to the extent applicable. but Im scared that your neigbors would see my car, your mother would come home early... I'll send my muberrauch_jim (04/12/07 PM): numbersad_cheyenne (04/12/07 PM): number watrauch_jim (04/12/07 PM): Im not playing, Id like to make love with you.rauch_jim (04/12/07 PM): phonesad_cheyenne (04/12/07 PM): mom wont and neighbors live down the hill behind ussad_cheyenne (04/12/07 PM): dont leave brb gotta prauch_jim (04/12/07 PM): and your not a highland cop, and my career wont go down the drainrauch_jim (04/12/07 PM): you might have to p, I need to get laidrauch_jim (04/12/07 PM): Im so tensesad_cheyenne (04/12/07 PM): heysad_cheyenne (04/12/07 PM): i took a shr an evrythingsad_cheyenne (04/12/07 PM): tenserauch_jim (04/12/07 PM): a shower, its a good thing, I'll be all over you.rauch_jim (04/12/07 PM): Have you ever had anybody lick your pussy? He quickly got to discussing sex with what he thought was a 13 year old, claiming he was not a pervert. He thought he could pick out a real kid from a cop. Well, whatever is left of it, he's a real old coot. Contributor notes from Sherry Twist I met Jim during a sting in Highland Heights, Kentucky.

These Website terms and Conditions (sometimes called "Agreement") are a binding legal contract between you and the Sinclair Affiliate that operates this website ("we," "us" or "our") and governs your use of such website and any content made available from or through such website, including any subdomains thereof.aul Collier is 40-ish, slight, pale, thoughtful and quiet.He is divorced, and he lives alone in a large, well-kept suburban apartment complex.Many of them, maybe even most of them, plan to rent here until they can buy a nice house in a nice neighborhood. Paul Collier—which is not his real name at all, not even close—used to own a nice house in a nice neighborhood, but right now he can’t imagine how that would be possible again. His name and address are on a list for anyone to see, and his picture is surrounded by the pictures of dozens of other men and women who live in the same county that he does.On the page there are violent rapists and sadistic predators, there are men who fondled little girls and women who had sex with teenage boys. He will be supervised by the courts for years and he will probably be in therapy forever.

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    The Office of Advocacy Services for Interpersonal and Sexual Violence (OASIS) provides free and confidential victim advocacy services for American University students who are impacted by sexual violence, meaning sexual assault, rape, dating or domestic violence, sexual harassment, or stalking.