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With publication of the second edition in 1955, the third edition in 1976, and now the fourth edition in 2001, the essential recovery text has remained unchanged while personal stories have been added to reflect the growing and diverse fellowship.The long-awaited fourth edition features 24 new personal stories of recovery.Switching the almighty bottle for the almighty God.Also, the initial promise was for them to help you become sober; now, they're saying that you need a deity to stop you from being insane.

Hoping for a higher power to save you, when the very previous step established that being rendered powerless was the problem to begin with.

Only two items into their list, and they've already moved the goalposts. Though, you are — for some reason — still free to injure yourself, however.

Not the best phrasing, considering the fact that for most (if not all), addiction is already a form of self-harm.

Alcoholics Anonymous : Big Book by Bill Wilson AA Services (Editor), Mike Woodley (Reader)Publisher: (June 30, 2008) | ASIN: B001BXULDQ | Language English | Audio CD in MP3 | 296 mb The book[2] consists of over 400 pages. How to use the twelve steps is explained using examples and anecdotes. One chapter is devoted to agnostics, while another is named "To Wives" (the first AA members were only men), and still another is for employers. Alcoholics Anonymous-the Big Book-has served as a lifeline to millions worldwide.

The personal experiences of some alcoholics are detailed as well as the series of solutions which evolved to become the twelve step program.

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    Membership is open to anyone of age, and is not restricted to older women and younger men.

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