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Knowing how to talk to a guy can be the difference between being a lady who draws guys and an annoying girl who doesn’t get any attention.

Now you don’t really need to know how to talk to a guy only to impress one guy.

CHICAGO—Sprinting down the platform and frantically waving his arms, local man Dustin Sayer was reportedly running toward a departing train Wednesday because he must have finally realized he loves her.

CINCINNATI—Surprised to discover that the once-beloved job perk had lost its appeal over the years, local barber Mike Grossman told reporters Tuesday that he was no longer even that excited by bringing home free bags of hair at the end of the day.

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WAVERLY, NE—Listening as the haggard messenger spoke of ominous clouds upon the horizon, local fourth-grade teacher Myra Helms received a dark portent of a gathering storm from pale and bedraggled third-grade teacher Beverly Milfay, sources confirmed Thursday.

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it's just cool when you come on and your friends are on you just know that you can always find someone to talk to you can always meet new ppl.SEATTLE—Declaring their intention to prevent you from getting any work done whatsoever, employees from another department announced plans Friday to ramble on about fucking nothing right next to your desk.POLAND, ME—Studying the youngsters in front of the stable as if she alone possessed the insight into who belonged with whom, Rockbrook Camp counselor Melissa Burke, 19, reportedly assigned kids to horses in a beginner horseback riding class Thursday like a sage town matchmaker presiding over marriage arrangements.Hot Guys and Kittens." / Phillip Mlynar for Catster: How would you explain the appeal of combining hot guys with kittens?Audrey Khuner: The little, helpless kittens bring out the warm, nurturing side of even the most manly man, which makes them even more attractive.

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    We also have a beautiful artificial intelligence system that learns from your behaviour on the site, figuring out who you might like and who might like you.