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The inherent problem here is that obviously you are not important to these guys.

I have to admit that when I first read this I was all, “You go girl.” She was 47 years old and she’d left behind the fear of ending up alone and decided to just enjoy her life as is. But then I got to this part: When I was finally rediscovered by men in my early 40s, my dates no longer felt pressured to rush into having kids.

I admit it: I love the Buzzfeed quizzes and the cat photos and just about anything George Takei posts.

Occasionally, though, I’ll happen upon something that actually has some validity to my life.

It’s “I like you” or “I don’t like you.” And yes, asking a Mexican man if you look fat in that dress will always end in a Greek tragedy.

When I came to Argentina, I started eating Doritos with a power hot sauce all over it and my friends were like, “Doritos with hot sauce?

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