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See the 'unconventional chronometers' page for mor information 2. New Monocle software for Iolite3.5 incorporated into routine mapping applications The recently published description of Monocle by Kamber et al (2017) provides a new way forward for trace-element and geochronology studies. March 2017 Laser-milling of garnet for spatially-controlled Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd geochronology In collaboration with colleagues from University of Albama, we are refining a process to liberate domains (e.g., cores) from garnet in doubly-polished thick (100um) sections guided by major, minor, and trace-element mapping. In-situ Pb-Pb isotope measurements in galena The lab has established and verified a methodology to measure Pb-Pb isotopes in galena with a grand weighted mean precision of 0.05-0.1%.The goal is to refine this process to help transform the robustness of Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd studies involving garnet-wholerock isochrons. The method is incredibly flexible, being applicable to 1mm diameter grains exposed in polished thin sections are liberated and mounted to exposed a flat cleavage face. Increasing user fees effective April 1st, 2016 The significant increase in the cost of laser Ar F premix (100% increase!

On a ainsi tenu une trentaine d'ateliers simultanément. Dans chacun d'eux, on retrouvait un tableau blanc, un leader et son projet. Tout était ouvert, transparent, cacophonique, chaotique même. Car je vois mtl, c'était d'abord et avant tout un vaste brain storm organisé pour impliquer les membres de la communauté dans le devenir de Montréal.

Pairings with the following club adoptions are in place: The Twin Club adoption concept was met with much enthusiasm, however, some leaders are giving thoughtful consideration and will reach out to another Club sometime next month.

The idea of working together with another Club more than 50 miles away allows sharing successful activities and membership growth and retention efforts, in addition to building friendships. Lots of new information from the Council on Legislation delivered by Ian Ferguson and details about the Annual District 7810 Conference on August 26-27, University of Maine at Presque Isle were delivered by Floyd Rockholt, Assistant Governor, Area 1.

Les 1500 participants étaient réunis en petites cellules un peu partout dans les salles, les foyers et les corridors de la Place des Arts.

Ils pouvaient se promener d'un groupe à l'autre, s'impliquer dans une discussion ou une autre.

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