Stop applications from auto updating

If you've chosen to disable auto-updates then in future you'll have to install app updates manually.

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Here is what you need to turn off automatic app updates in Android software versions: If you would like to keep all of the apps installed on your device from auto-updating, then you can do so using the official Play Store app on your device..1, Microsoft has taken the obvious and useful step of letting Metro-style apps automatically update in the background, a feature that was sorely lacking in the original release of Windows 8/RT.But there's one problem with app auto-update that may be bothersome to some. App updating in Windows 8.1 works completely differently from the original shipping version of Windows 8.If you have quite a few apps installed on your device, you will likely see new updates coming in for these apps installed on your device.While keeping your apps up to date is not bad, sometimes you may just want to keep some or all the apps from auto updating on your device.

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