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Modified KML/KMZ file import to deal with duplicate track names 4. Support for UK LIDAR DTM and DSM 2m Digital Elevation Models Version 5.24 04/10/2015 (also 5.2e) ------------ 1. Upgrade to import ADM files to deal with a new field type 5. Fixed a problem due to buffer overflow when saving FSH files. Improvements to the Filter Tool so as to deal with Depth and Auxiliary data better 11. Allow Chart to be saved as JPG, PNG or TIF files as well 3. Improved ADM file export to handle a larger number of trackpoints. Increased Waypoint limit for registered version to 200000. Provided multiple file select facility for File|Merge.... Added a Merge Files menu item under Files when no open dataset. Corrected a number of problems with NMEA file import (depth and altitude) Version 5.2c ------------ 1. Improved the usability of the Track Compress tool 3.

LOG files Version 5.26 30/03/2016 (also 5.2h) ------------ 1. Fixed regression bug associated with KMZ file import 3. Fix for import KMZ files when requiring continuation routes 4. Fix for Google Earth KML/KMZ file import associated with Placemarks 9. Improved QCT extract dialog to give arrow key selection of area and up to 6k x 6k 2.

The major factor driving the electronic cartography market is the changing nature of navigation.

However, the high development cost of electronic chart displays and their complexity restrains the growth of the market.

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Inhibit some warning messages if batch job for S&T EST file import 8.The electronic cartography market forecast report offers a complete analysis of the market across the forecast period of seven years from 2014 to 2020.It provides an analysis of the factors that drive the market, restrain growth, and the challenges faced by the industry.Corrected a rare Address Exception when closing first of multiple datasets 6. New tool for Expanding Routes with extra waypoints 10. Improved support for import and export of Lowrance version 4 files (depth, date/time plus comment fields) 5. Updated EST import to deal with more annotation types 2. Correct a problem with import and export of Furuno *. Corrected a regression bug associated with creating routes using map view. Corrected a problem with the import of Version 4 Lowrance USR files. Fixed regression bug associated with echoing position on map for grid projections 4.Updated TZD file import to deal with slight change of format 7. Corrected sequence number in Expand Route function 11. Fix to Correlate Photos function to deal with waypoints with no valid time data 3. Corrected a problem with Nobeltex *(ONF) file export when CF=Degrees 7. Fix to Raymarine FSH file export to deal with files with more than 2 data blocks 16. Fixed regression bug regarding invalid DEM heights for grid projections 5.

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