Updating glibc

Thankfully the system is a virtual machine and I was able to rollback to a snapshot. I can move the VM to another system and get the same result. I have carefully updated everything on the system except for glibc, ran "python-updater", updated to kernel-3.10.25, etc...

python and gcc seem to work just fine on glibc-2.16, and also on the previous kernel, 3.10.17.

updating glibc-46updating glibc-47updating glibc-81updating glibc-8

I have duplicated this behavior multiple times over the past few weeks. Please refer to the troubleshooting section for some commonly reported issues.If you want to read the lengthy reasoning behind GCC upgrades, please continue with GCC upgrading explained.(bnc#795129) * Make sure /var/run/nscd exists before starting nscd.(bnc#793146) * Avoid stack overflow in getaddrinfo() when host has many addresses.

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