Where to meet a proportional midget for dating

What is the difference between a midget and a dwarf? However there are differences in regards to when these terms should be used.

The two terms, dwarf and midget, are often interchangeably used to describe any short person.

Its average heights in places like Indonesia so I would'nt put it at 'Midget' height, its only 6 inches off average. Kelly is just a short girl due to having short parents, her arms and legs are in proportion to her height.

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Kelly Stables is a great actress and a very beautiful lady. Kelly's beauty cannot be matched; she is perfect just the way she is!Because being a model is about attitude, not about height.The world of fashion is slowly but surely becoming more accepting. So if you know how to walk the runway, you are a model.’ She went on: ‘So that’s what the dwarf fashion show’s about…said on 16/Sep/13 Here is an interview that states she is 4 ft.11 Click Here I remembered an interview in which she is quoted saying that but I only found this one. She's a very attractive person and I meant no offense by what I posted.

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